Putting with Andy

Your practice habits come out on the golf course whether you want them to or not!  As a Tour Player, NCAA Champion (Pepperdine University), 2-time National Coach of the Year, and the coach of 6 National Collegiate Championship Teams; the one thing that separates myself and the players that I coach/teach is that we make the putts when it counts.  How do we do this? Well, I have an answer to that too.  My secret is out of the bag...welcome to the Dubline!  The Dubline Putting Pegs teach you how to be your inner coach and practice perfectly every time.  Find the perfect set up for you (whether it's the position of your eyes, alignment, path, face angle, height of stroke, contact, green reading, speed reads, etc) and do it the same every time you step up to a putt.  Confidence is created by knowing you have prepared perfectly.  Join the Dubline Golf Revolution and just flat out make more putts!

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