Dubline PuttingPegs

Dubline PuttingPegs

The Dubline Putting Pegs is the only training aid used by PGA, Champions and LPGA Tour Winners that allow you to find the correct putting set up specifically for you.  Whether you like you eyes directly over the ball or just inside of the ball; the Dubline Putting Pegs are for you.  The numerous benefits include: eye alignment and placement, set up, face angle, club path, contact, green reading, putter rise, straight and breaking putts, feet alignment, putter aim, intended starting line and numerous drills all aimed to make you a Great Putter.  Set up how you want perfectly EVERY time.  Welcome to Dubline Golf!

  • Product Specifications

    Product measurements

    Length: 12 inches

    Width: 0.25 inches

    Package measurements

    Length: 13 inches

    Width: 2.5 inches